Network Aims

The European STEM PD Centre Network’s overall aim is providing a platform for knowledge exchange among its participants. Through each of its members the network aims to substantially improve STEM education as it happens on a day-to-day basis in schools, by investing in teacher professional development. This means to ensure that the design, provision and delivery of STEM professional development of the highest quality, research-based and corresponding to teachers’ needs. The network’s aims and activities, as currently defined are geared towards supporting these goals.

Main aims of the network are to:

• enhance and support PD activities across Europe
• draft common standards and guidelines based on research and including evaluation
• strengthen the voice of PD centres on the implementation and practice-side
• strengthen the voice of PD centres at the local as well as the international level
• foster an upward influence of PD Centre’s work towards the policy level
• contribute to scaling-up teacher PD by cooperation between the most important actors – PD centres, universities and researchers in the field, schools and teachers as well as the policy-making entities
• address young STEM teachers (and) researchers to foster their engagement in PD
• share experiences, practices & materials
• enable an exchange of teacher educators between institutions
• share outcomes of research relevant to PD activities
• create conditions for sustainable PD
• make PD activities sustainable
• exchange different PD approaches
• seek collaboration between research and practice

Activities of the network are to:

• organize regular meetings to work towards common aims
• draft Common Standards and Guidelines for PD (planning, delivery, implementation and evaluation to maximise impact and sustainability of learning outcomes)
• provide information about European PD centres and their activities
• share concepts, practices and research results to improve PD approaches
• exchange experiences and materials to support high-quality STEM PD
• exchange staff and PhD students
• establish strong connections to research and policy

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