Strengthen cooperation between policy and PD practice

PD centres and policy makers are important key-actors in STEM education. They therefore need to communicate and cooperate in order to overcome the challenges in providing high quality STEM PD. This is important as high-quality PD will support teachers in delivering high-quality STEM education for pupils.
An important question is how the cooperation between PD centres and policy makers can be strengthened?

It is important to support a fruitful communication by agreeing on common frameworks and standards as well as establishing platforms for cooperation and channels for communication in different countries. Good examples besides STEM PD Net project are the SINUS project in Germany, the IMST network in Austria, the Lärarlyftet from Sweden and last but not least the Educating the Educators conference with many countries involved exemplify how successful cooperation between STEM PD and policy can look like.

STEM PD Net is actively cooperating with the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, the Ministry of Education and Science Lithuania and the Turkish Ministry of National Education as partners in the network and is seeking for further collaboration.

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