Culture, Equity and Diversity in the STEM classroom

We are diverse individuals, we learn in diverse ways, and some of that diversity reflects intersecting patterns of
how key demographic factors like race, gender, and social class are situated inequitably in our society

Scott, Sheridan, and Clark, (2015)

This catalogue offers a collection of useful practice-oriented research literature (short summaries and references) and provides insight into individual learning experiences the Science Math and Technology (STEM) Professional Development (PD) network (Net) members have gathered in course of a three year Erasmus+ project (2016–2019).

The aim is to inspire STEM professional Development Centres all over Europe to explore ways how to improve science, mathematics and technology education to engage increasingly diverse learners.

This catalogue is designed to offer insight into practice oriented research and does not aim to be complete. We offer a range of possibilities to deal with diversity issues from different perspectives. We assume that STEM PD centres in Europe are as diverse as individual teachers and their students are and thus equally proficient to pick what is most important for a given situation.

Culture, Equity and Diversity in the STEM classroom (English version, pdf).
Gerechtigkeit, kulturelle und individuelle Vielfalt im MINT-Unterricht (German version, pdf).
El Contexto Cultural, la Equidad y la Diversidad en las Aulas STEM (Spanish version, pdf).
Kultūra, teisingumas ir įvairovė STEM klasėje (Lithuanian version, pdf).
Културно многообразие в STEM класната стая (Bulgarian version, pdf).
Kultur, jämlikhet och mångfald i STEM-klassrummet (Swedish version, pdf).
STEM Sınıfında Kültür, Eşitlik ve Çeşitlilik (Turkish version, pdf).
“STEM ÖĞRETMEN EĞİTİM MERKEZLERİ AVRUPA AĞI” dökümanına buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

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