Objectives To develop teachers as curriculum leaders.
Description of material The materials promote a capabilities approach to thinking about who we teach, and why we teach geography in schools. The activities help teachers explore their role as ‘curriculum leaders’ by the identification of geography as ‘powerful disciplinary knowledge’. The materials consist of 4 modules: the capabilities approach and powerful disciplinary knowledge; curriculum making by teachers; video case studies; curriculum leadership and advocacy. Each module is self-sufficient and adapatable. Explanations are provided. All have links to external sources, including videos and readings. The modules have downloadable materials which can be adapted for local use. They can be used individually by teachers and trainee teachers. Or they can be adapted by teacher trainers. All the materials were produced during the project GeoCapabilities funded by EU Lifelong Learning Comenius Programme in 2013-2017. GeoCapabilities began in 2012 with a pilot project led by the American Association of Geographers.
Compliance to quality criteria
Develops STEM competence. Criteria not present
Stimulates collaboration between teachers. Comply with criteria
Includes different phases of delivery (input, application in classroom setting and reflection). Criteria not present
Is long-term. Criteria not present
Is participant-tailored. Criteria not present
Type of material Training course
PD target group (by subject) Geography
PD target group (by education level) Lower secondary, Upper secondary, Trainee teachers, Teacher leaders
Educational approaches Technology enhanced teaching
Language(s) English
Diversity Diversity is not addressed
Accessibility After registration to STEM Learning platform
Comments (PD providers, teachers…)

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