HANDSON toolkit


HANDSON toolkit

Hyperlink http://www.handsonict.eu/
Objectives To facilitate the inclusion of ICT tools in education
Description of material The HANDSON MOOC is a teacher training course about designing ICT-based learning activities. The Learning Design Studio (LDS) approach is used as a framework for structuring the 5 weeks of the MOOC content and learning activities. It puts participants in the position of a learning designer

The HANDSON toolkit allows to run a reduced and face-to-face version of the HANDSON MOOC in a workshop format that requires much less infrastructure and time than the online course. The HANDSON toolkit workshop is an immersive activity aimed at walking participants through the design process of an ICT-based learning activity under the guidance of one or ideally two facilitators. This rapid and iterative activity follows the approach of the Learning Design Studio and it is aimed at empowering educators as designers. The training course contains Practical guide for educators, MOOC guide for Moodle and Canvas, Seminar toolkit. All the materials were produced during the project HANDSON funded by EU Lifelong Learning Programme in 2012-2015.

Compliance to quality criteria
Develops STEM competence. Criteria not present
Stimulates collaboration between teachers. Criteria not present
Includes different phases of delivery (input, application in classroom setting and reflection). Comply with criteria
Is long-term. Comply with criteria
Is participant-tailored. Comply with criteria
Type of material Training course
PD target group (by subject) All subjects
PD target group (by education level) Primary, Lower secondary, Upper secondary
Educational approaches Technology enhanced teaching
Language(s) English, Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish
Diversity Diversity is not addressed
Accessibility After registration to STEM Learning platform
Comments (PD providers, teachers…) PD provider comments: “According to evaluation most of teachers felt more confident with ICT, the comfort level with the use of ICT increased quickly and the MOOC helped teachers feel more confident with ICT.”

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