Policy briefing 3: Implementing and measuring quality in STEM teacher Professional Development

Building on a review of academic research literature and the Erasmus+ STEM PD Net partners experiences the guide for HQ STEM PD present concrete examples on how to set up criteria that should be both (a) easy to apply in daily STEM PD contexts and (b) challenging to initiate reflection about and beyond STEM PD.

The guide is not explicitly offering the only way to successful STEM PD. Rather, it offers opportunities for reflection. In particular, it aims to set an impulse to reflect on relevant criteria regarding STEM PD on a high-quality level.

Implementing and measuring quality in STEM teacher Professional Development (English international version, pdf).
Umsetzung und Messung der Qualität beruflicher Fortbildung von MINT-Lehrkräften (German version, pdf)
Cómo poner en práctica y medir la calidad en el Desarrollo Profesional del profesorado STEM (Spanish version, pdf).
STEM mokytojų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo įgyvendinimas ir kokybės matavimas (Lithuanian version, pdf)
Implementering och mätning av kvalitet inom kompetensutveckling för lärare i STEM-ämnen (Swedish version, pdf).
STEM Öğretmeni Mesleki Gelişiminde kalitenin uygulanması ve ölçülmesi (Turkish version, pdf).
Внедряване и измерване качеството на професионалното развитие на STEM учителите (Bulgarian version, pdf).

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