INTEF (National Agency for Educational Technology and Teacher Development)

O7: Policy briefings

The Professional Development and Technology Institute (INTEF) is the National Agency for Educational Technology and Teacher Development funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

The policies are inspired by the European Council and the European Commission guidelines. The mission is to provide primary and secondary schools teachers with innovative resources and training opportunities to improve their competencies and acquire good practice skills, strategies and knowledge in all fields of education. Digital competence and internet open access courses (MOOC) resources (OAR) are within the main goals of the PD plans we run.

The educational programs led by INTEF include summer face-to-face courses for teacher professional development, teacher mobility programs with European countries, seminars, conferences and joint educational projects. Along with face-to-face programs, an extensive catalogue of online courses for teachers in all disciplines and levels are offered by INTEF.
Many of them include specific actions addressed to strengthen the skills of teachers through additional training in STEM, foreign languages competence, digital competence and so forth.
Furthermore, we organize conferences and congresses to support teachers in their endeavour to evolve the way in which they teach.

The engagement of the Spanish Ministry of Education through INTEF plays a crucial role in providing institutional support for the wide uptake of our 21th century education model, as well as for facilitating the use of key teacher training networks, enhancing communication and dissemination.
All PD courses, resources and projects usually develop tools and strategies to meet learning requirements in a multi-layered classroom: students from disadvantaged backgrounds, cultural diversity, special needs and multiple intelligences considerations are always taken into account.

Our staff is highly qualified in all areas of professional development and school levels, ranging from STEM, Arts, Foreign Languages, Diversity and Special Needs, etc.

Our focus is to provide quality and updated PD across all levels of education and throughout all autonomous regions in Spain. INTEF PD programs promote innovation and ICT to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that education scenarios are experiencing. We believe that schools and teaching professionals should undertake a thorough transformation. This will lead to remarkable changes in education goals and approaches in the next future.

By improving and reformulating education we will manage to develop social justice and inclusiveness, cooperation; cultural diversity awareness and appreciation; critical thinking and active citizenship; smart and sustainable economy growth; equal access to opportunities and welfare; a shared vision of human values and ethics and all kind of benefits that an empowered global citizenship can yield.

As the Spanish National Agency for Educational Technology and Teacher Professional Development, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, INTEF is responsible for the production and management of a wide range of free access products and services for teachers. These include self-learning resources for teachers, on-line teacher communication platforms and repositories of classroom materials, and authoring tools with which teachers and academics are assisted in the production of web interactive content and open access online publications. INTEF has developed and taken part in different projects and initiatives, all of which have contributed significantly to supporting teacher professional development and digital education in STEM at both national and international level, internet tools, resources and infrastructures for schools.

We run dissemination events related to our programs: meetings, conferences, seminars and so forth. We plan the events from the beginning (budget needs, project management, agenda, invitations, presentations, travel arrangements and assessment). We regularly participate in dissemination events with and exhibitor and presentations or panels.

Regarding PD assessment, we plan online surveys for attendants and analyse the results using statistical tools and quality criteria.

We keep close relationship with all PD government agencies and institutions at a national and international level. We organize PD summer courses in partnership with “”Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo”” in different locations throughout the country. We plan budget, design contents, recruit professors and providers, make necessary arrangements regarding facilities and ITC, supervise enrolment and attendance, issue attendance certificates and so forth.

Rubén Durán, jefe del Área de Formación del Profesorado y de Relaciones Institucionales del INTEF

Marcos Noriega, asesor técnico docente del Área de Formación del Profesorado y de Relaciones Institucionales del INTEF (


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