Learning Activity on “PD centre models: context, mission, structure and activities”, Lithuania

In June 2017 the Education Development Centre, Lithuania, hosted a STEM PD Net transnational learning activity. The aims of the activity were to discuss STEM PD centre models and their diversity with partner delegates; to identify common European and national level challenges and especially to work on a compendium of STEM PD centre models.

The transnational learning activity schedule was diverse: discussions, group or individual work was combined with visits to institutions related to STEM teacher professional development. Institutions for on-site visits were chosen purposefully – they illustrate connections between informal education, universities, private companies and STEM teacher professional development.

Discussions allowed participants to extend their knowledge of the diversity of contexts of STEM PD centres in Europe. The anticipated output is a set of guidelines for PD providers in Europe on STEM PD centres’ traditions and recommendations on how to deal with various challenges.

By the end of the transnational learning activity participants agreed that sharing experiences with others allows us to build lasting ties and share ideas about how to solve problems. In an interview participants produced during the meeting, they explain the aims of the visit, present the project and share experience about PD centres‘ activities.

Interview with STEM PD Net project partners during the visit to Education Development Centre, Lithuania with delegates from Austria, United Kingdom and Germany.

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