Learning event, Spain March 2017

Learning Activity on Policy Briefings

STEM PD Net is strengthening the voice of European PD centres through the development of a set of policy briefings and strengthened partnerships to communicate with policy makers. The Learning Activity aimed on supporting especially the development of a policy briefing on the introduction of STEM PD Net to policy makers.

The host (the Professional Development and Technology Institute at the Spanish Ministry of Education) planned a varied schedule in which participants from Germany, Spain, Sweden and Turkey met policy makers from different levels, such as Professional Development (PD) centres, educational authorities, teachers, foundations, museums, universities and companies, all in the field of STEM education.

The Policy Briefings that are developed, focus on the relation between the STEM PD Net and the main target group of Policy Makers. Thus, the participants worked on key questions like:

  • What are the needs of PD providing institutions in relation to STEM PD delivery?
  • What arguments and reasons do institutions find relevant?
  • What are the quality factors in STEM PD?
  • How can the European STEM PD network support?
  • What is important to policy makers?

The meeting was an important step to find out about policy makers’ needs as regards STEM PD, challenges they face and interests they have regarding PD.

The meetings combined talks, presentations, workshops and working sessions as well as appropriate on-site visits like at the Natural Sciences National Museum, the Institute of Organic Chemistry and the cultural institution Residencia de Estudiantes.
At the end of the week the participants experienced a presentation at the Prado Museum about the relation between Art and Science, which gave a fantastic end for the meeting.

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