Learning Activity on “Taking advantages of diverse learners: Transnational Learning Activity”, Sweden

One of the themes in STEM PD Net and its associated the European STEM PD Network concerns diversity in STEM education. The aim is to produce a catalogue for professional development (PD) providers with useful material and models in order to support STEM PD with diverse learners in mind. To further develope this work, the Learning activity partners met in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2017. The participants came from Austria, Turkey and Sweden. Also, there was a participant from Germany attending by web-conference.

During the meeting the group discussed the structure and content of the coming catalogue, and agreed on a potential structure. There are many aspects of learner diversity, and the most important ones were identified in the meeting and it supportive activities. Amongst others, the participants visited an ongoing PD course focusing the development of mathematics education for newly arrived immigrants. This PD course took place on a lower secondary school and during the visit to the school the group also had the opportunity to see the school and meet with teachers. This brought depth insides into the core topic of IO3.

The meeting resulted in a deeper understanding of the challenges and possibilities connected to different aspects of diversity in STEM education. The meeting also resulted in a structure for the upcoming catalogue for PD providers and a structure for the continuing work of the group.

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