Linköping University

Linköping University (LiU) is a major university in Sweden, with the areas of medicine, education, engineering and economics as main profile. LiU runs teacher education programmes for the entire Swedish school system, from pre-school to adult education, and also programmes for after-school teachers and special needs pedagogy. The Faculty of Education has the main responsibility but departments from all faculties of the university are engaged in the teacher education.

LiU is the host of two national centres for professional development in the STEM area, the National Centre for Science and Technology Education (NATDID) and the National Centre for School Technology Education, CETIS. Both centres are appointed and financed by the Swedish government.

NATDID was founded in 2014 with the aim to support school development in science and technology on the national level through dissemination of current research in science and technology education. This is for example achieved through arranging conferences, network meetings and workshops. NATDID has also contracted NATDID-ambassadors (annat ord?) at eight universities in Sweden, who will network with teachers and participate in the writing of teacher specific research communication articles.

CETIS was originally founded in 1993. The aim of the centre is to inspire, support and help teachers develop good, general, technological education to all Swedish pupils and students, in collaboration with teachers, teacher educators, representatives for the industry, and others. In Sweden, technology perspectives are included in the national curriculum for pre-school and all students study the subject Technology in compulsory school (grades 1-9). Some of the major arrangements by CETIS regional or national conferences for teachers in Technology on a biannual basis, network meetings for teacher educators and seminars for PhD-students in Technology education.

Linköping university, through Director Claes Klasander at CETIS, is the leading partner for intellectual output O7 in the STEM PD NET project: Policy briefings.

Karin Stolpe, Director, PhD

Claes Klasander, Director, PhD

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