Mascil toolkit for teacher professional development


Mascil toolkit for teacher professional development

Objectives The toolkit is designed to support teacher groups by providing a set of flexible resources that will help them explore new and innovative teaching practices.
Description of material The material helps teachers to explore how they could use tasks set in the world of work to stimulate mathematical activity of their students. The material includes work in pairs on solving tasks, discussion on modeling tasks for the class, teacher reflection on tasks in the classroom. The training unit targets didactic competences and general teacher competences. The mascil toolkit has three domains and within each one of these there are a number of key issues. Ways of working: explains how to use the toolkit as well as providing tools that will help teachers consider ways of working together effectively as a group and using cycles of inquiry that involve classroom teaching, discussion and reflection. Inquiry and IBL pedagogies: provides support for teacher groups in exploring all aspects of inquiry in classrooms. World of work: supports new ways of teaching mathematics and science that connects with the world of work. It draws on the mascil classroom tasks that have been collected from across Europe to assist with this. The toolkit has different materials: Trainer guide; Powerpoint Presentation to be used to run professional development sessions; Handouts; Classroom materials (the collection consists of 69 digital items). The toolkit can be adapted and used in different ways so that groups can work on particular aspects of teaching that they have prioritised, or it can be used to provide a more structured training course. All the materials were produced during the project MASCIL funded by EU Seventh Framework Programme in 2013-2016.
Compliance to quality criteria
Develops STEM competence. Comply with criteria
Stimulates collaboration between teachers. Comply with criteria
Includes different phases of delivery (input, application in classroom setting and reflection). Comply with criteria
Is long-term. Comply with criteria
Is participant-tailored. Comply with criteria
Type of material Training courses
PD target group (by subject) Mathematics and science
PD target group (by education level) Primary, Lower secondary, Upper secondary
Educational approaches Inquiry based learning, Collaborative problem solving
Language(s) English – on other websites also available in Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Lithuanian
Diversity Diversity is not addressed
Accessibility After registration to STEM Learning platform
Comments (PD providers, teachers…) PD provider comments: “This toolkit offers material for PD on Inquiry-based learning and connections to the world of work. Due to the many materials offered, understanding the structure needs some time. The PD concept is based on teachers working collaboratively”. Teacher comments: “The PD courses have been extremely useful to me. There were things I felt I had to do but now they were in a more systematized form. When implementing them in a class setting I was passing the same (exploratory spirit) to them. These courses helped me make a connection with other like-minded teachers and I know that this is the way to work – as a part of a big family – colleagues with whom I work, we communicate, share what we have done, and who make you feel ‘great and significant’.”

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