MOSEM² Teacher Seminar


MOSEM² Teacher Seminar

Objectives To allow upper secondary teachers to experience first-hand modelling tools as well as pedagogical methods for facilitating active learning, building on the outcomes of projects SUPERCOMET 2 and MOSEM.
Description of material The materials combine mathematical models, simulations and video analyses of simple thought-provoking tabletop experiments, data acquisition (real and video), supported by electronic and printed materials comprising additional videos, animations and text. The materials cover topics of superconductivity, courtesy of leading researchers in this exciting field of physics. The material is designed to support 2 types of seminars – Activity based and Process based. Material includes detailed methodics how to select and assign teachers to each seminar type. Both types of seminar of course offer/use materials made available by the MOSEM² project, but also by the previous ones, MOSEM and SUPERCOMET 2. After this introduction the rest of the teacher seminar shows three blocks, covering the three main issues of MOSEM²: modeling, simulation and data acquisition (real and video). The three blocks are presented in two ways, adapted to the two types of teacher learning: Activity based and Process based. The seminar has different materials: Trainer guide; Teacher seminar files; Digital learning objects. All the materials were produced during the project SUPERCOMET 2 funded by Leonardo da Vinci / Life Long Learning programme phase II of the European Union in 2008-2011.
Compliance to quality criteria
Develops STEM competence. Criteria not present
Stimulates collaboration between teachers. Tends to comply with criteria
Includes different phases of delivery (input, application in classroom setting and reflection). Criteria not present
Is long-term. Tends to comply with criteria
Is participant-tailored. Criteria not present
Type ofmaterial Teacher seminar
PD target group (by subject) Physics
PD target group (by education level) Upper secondary
Educational approaches Hands-on, technology enhanced teaching, Collaborative learning, Student-centered learning
Language(s) English
Diversity Diversity is not addressed
Accessibility OAfter registration to STEM Learning platform, but some materials require registration on platform
Comments (PD providers, teachers…) PD provider comments: “According to evaluation done during the project school students, trainee teachers and experienced teachers are very positive towards the MOSEM² materials and the teacher seminar. It is also worthy of note that the data show agreement between male and female students and, amongst teachers, those with a physics degree and those not.” Comments by project partners: “A lot of good material, but the way it is presented and structured is very difficult and complicated. The methods of seminar organization is also difficult.”

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