Number and Algebra

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Number and Algebra

Objectives To provide support for algebra teaching and learning in lower and upper secondary education.
Description of material The topic of Number and Algebra consists of 13 sub-topics: Converting units. Deriving and Rearranging formulae. Fractions. Index Numbers. Inequalities. Operations with Directed Numbers
Place Value. Sequences. Simultaneous equations. Surds. Transformation of Graphs. Proportional reasoning. Constructing equations. For each sub-topic a separate workshop could be organized. During the workshops teachers explore strategies and activities which may support them in the planning of lessons related to any of 13 Number and Algebra sub-topics. The materials include overview and a number of resource sheets. The departmental workshops have been written to provide school mathematics team with structured professional development to be delivered in-house utilising members’ expertise and knowledge. Materials could be used for self-guided learning too. Departmental workshops’ material was developed by National Centre for Exellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.
Compliance to quality criteria  
Develops STEM competence. Tends to comply with criteria
Stimulates collaboration between teachers. Comply with criteria
Includes different phases of delivery (input, application in classroom setting and reflection). Comply with criteria
Is long-term. Comply with criteria
Is participant-tailored. Comply with criteria
Type of material Departmental workshops, structured professional development activities
PD target group (by subject) Mathematics
PD target group (by education level) Lower secondary, Upper secondary
Educational approaches Problem solving
Language(s) English
Diversity Diversity is not addressed
Accessibility After registration to the NCETM platform
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