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PRIMAS professional development courses

Objectives To provide insights into approaches to mathematics and science teaching that are motivational and enjoyable for learners. To support teachers with inquiry-based learning pedagogies in mathematics and science and to help teachers understand the nature and importance of inquiry-based learning.
Description of material PRIMAS courses consist of a set of modules that deal with specific aspects of teaching through IBL in mathematics and science. These modules explore some of the pedagogical challenges that arise when introducing investigative, non-routine problem solving activities to the classroom. The courses consist of 7 various duration modules: 1. Student-led inquiry; 2. Tackling unstructured problems; 3. Learning concepts through IBL; 4. Asking questions that promote reasoning; 5. Students working collaboratively; 6. Building on what students already know; 7. Self and peer assessment.

Each module includes a PD session guide and handouts for teachers, sample classroom materials and suggested lesson plans. Several of the lessons include the use of simple computer software. PRIMAS courses are supported with exemplary classroom materials. The course materials are flexible and could be used for face-to-face teacher training, blended learning, teacher self-guided learning.

All materials were developed in the project PRIMAS funded by EU Seventh Framework Programme in 2010-2013.

Compliance to quality criteria
Develops STEM competence. Comply with criteria
Stimulates collaboration between teachers. Comply with criteria
Includes different phases of delivery (input, application in classroom setting and reflection). Comply with criteria
Is long-term. Comply with criteria
Is participant-tailored. Comply with criteria
Type of material Training courses
PD target group (by subject) Mathematics, Science
PD target group (by education level) Primary, Lower secondary, Upper secondary
Educational approaches Inquiry-based learning
Language(s) Training course descriptions and majority of training materials: English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovak
Diversity Diversity of Subject Performance Level
Accessibility After registration to STEM Learning platform
Comments (PD providers, teachers…) PD provider comments: “This material for a PD course on modelling is excellent and very easy to use. You can easily go through the modules and use them directly without further preparation. It is based on many piloting phases and it shows. The PD concept is based on teachers working collaboratively. The films illustrate the messages and show day-to-day teaching.”

Teacher comments: “I have learned that through IBL, that with one task you can cover more than one topic and sometimes you even cover topics that you did not plan to cover“.

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