Project aims

STEM PD Net aims to contribute to high quality STEM teacher PD on a large scale across Europe.
Thereby we will strengthen the position of STEM PD on an international as well as on national levels and support STEM teaching through intensifying partnerships with and among PD practice.

The aims of the STEM PD Net project are:

Improving quality of STEM teacher PD delivered in Europe on a large scale by:
(1) setting up research-based criteria for high-quality PD and enriching these with good-practice examples
(2) developing ready-to-use guidelines on how to feasibly measure the success of teacher PD in day-to-day settings as a mean of quality assurance in relation to (1),
(3) developing a catalogue for PD providers showcasing good-practice examples on how to prepare teachers to deal with diversity.
(4) collating a commented collection of STEM PD material allowing PD providers to easily find and select materials with a focus on their purpose, content, quality and potential.

Supporting STEM teaching through strengthening partnerships with and among PD practice by:
(1) setting up a European STEM PD centre network as a stable partnership among PD providers and
(2) strengthening the national position of STEM PD centres and their potential for forming effective local partnerships through the involvement in the European network,
(3) promoting a compendium of PD provider models so as to encourage ways forward to establish new specialized centres in STEM PD across Europe where they do not yet exist,
(4) Strengthening the voice of European PD centres through the development of a set of policy briefings and strengthened partnerships to communicate with policy makers.

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