Ready-to-use Guide for High Quality STEM Professional Development

Partners from 14 organisations, who are involved in STEM Professional Development (PD) activities all over Europe, worked on this ready-to-use guide of quality criteria in STEM PD. This guide aims at supporting STEM PD providers in reflecting on and further developing their work.

This guide follows a core premise: It should be ready-to-use. Thus, it should be both (a) easy to apply in daily STEM PD contexts and (b) challenging to initiate reflection about and beyond STEM PD. This guide is not just a review of literature on a theoretical level (even though this was the base for the selection of the quality criteria). Moreover, it also presents concrete examples illustrating its theoretical content. Thus, this guide also provides Network partners’ practical experiences regarding success and challenges in providing STEM PD.

The guide is explicitly not offering the only way to successful STEM PD. Rather, it offers opportunities for reflection. In particular, it aims to set an impulse to reflect on relevant criteria regarding STEM PD on a high quality level.

Read more and download:
Guide for High Quality STEM Professional Development (English version, pdf).
Leitfaden für qualitativ hochwertige STEM-Fortbildung (German version, pdf).
Guía Práctica para Un Desarrollo Profesional STEM de Calidad (Spanish version, pdf).
STEM dalykų mokytojų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo kokybės vadovas (Lithuanian version, pdf).
Ръководство за висококачествено професионално развитие в областта на STEM (Bulgarian version, pdf).
En guide till kvalitet i lärares kompetensutveckling inom STEM-området (Swedish version, pdf).
Yüksel Kaliteli STEM Öğretmen Eğitimi Merkezleri (Turkish version, pdf).
“STEM ÖĞRETMEN EĞİTİM MERKEZLERİ AVRUPA AĞI” dökümanına buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

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